Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Last chance for a +8?

This +8 is in really good nick. Runs beautifully. A 5-speed, 1989 model done 77 000 miles. Not concours perhaps but really good.
It has had a new clutch, alternator, rear brakes.
I'd drive it to Cape Town tomorrow!  
Those of you who have been to Angela's will know the car well.
Do shout if you like what you see........I might have it here in Springs by then.
Excellent price!

Terry at 082 412 0371. or 011 818-1552. Vodacom has gone to hell in this area so no cell calls at home.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Moggie the 3rd....in a month!

Geoff's Story....................................


The Purchase

In 1965, after I left the merchant navy, I was a “mature” student at college in Bristol doing a course in Quantity Surveying.  The father of one of my digsmates (if there is such a word - my spelling checker doesn’t think so) died, leaving him some money.  He immediately went out to buy an MG sports car.  When he returned from the car dealers he informed me that he had seen a car that would interest me (I was driving a 1936 Morris 8 at the time).

When I went round to the showroom there in all its glory was the most magnificent machine I had ever seen.  I immediately fell in love with it and rashly paid a £20 deposit (i.e. 10%).  £200 was a lot of money that I didn’t have, and the Moggie was really overpriced, but when you are in love reason goes out of the window.

I intended asking my father to lend me the balance but he inconveniently died, leaving me no money.  I then approached my life insurance company to lend me the money against my paid-up premiums.  This they agreed to do, so I wrote out a cheque for the balance, prematurely as it turned out because I got a phone call from my bank manager explaining to me that I had insufficient funds in my account.  After I explained to him that the insurance company was about to deposit sufficient funds in my account he reluctantly agreed to honour my cheque.

So I became the proud owner of a shiny red three-wheeled Morgan Super Sports.

Previous History

According to the logbook that came with the Morgan the trike was built in 1933 and rebuilt in 1946.  The colour was also given as blue (see later).

The Morgan must have also undergone another rebuild in the early 60s, when it was repainted red.  I don’t know when the other mods were made.

Exploits in England

As a proud owner of a Morgan three-wheeler I joined the Morgan Three-Wheeler Club and went along to the monthly meetings, at first in Bristol and later in London, where I participated in various club activities such as The South Coast Run and various race meetings.

At the time of purchase my Mog seemed to have an odd steering wheel so one of my new friends lent me a steering wheel from a scrap Morgan in his back garden.  I forget his name so am unable to return said steering wheel.  If you read this and want it back please come and collect it (in South Africa – free accommodation supplied).

When I bought the Morgan it had been “upgraded”.  One of the first things that I removed were the wing mirrors and hub caps.  More was to follow.

In 1966 I embarked on a round Britain trip, going from Bristol to East Anglia then north to Eyemouth, across to Carlisle, then, hugging the Welsh border, south to Bristol via Malvern Link then home to Devon.  This is recorded in the December issue of The Bulletin under the pseudonym of “Mognapper”.

Shortly thereafter I started to have the Mog painted black (why?), but only the top panels were resprayed.

Emigration / Immigration

When I emigrated to South Africa, paid for in the most part by the South African government of the day, I was allowed to bring one vehicle with me.  Of course I chose the Morgan, and herein lies many a tale. 

Firstly, I had to get an international driving licence.  Although I had an ordinary driving licence for normal cars, the international licence had three-wheelers grouped with motorcycles, so they duly stamped both blocks: cars and motorcycles / three-wheelers.  When I exchanged my international licence for a local one surprise, surprise.  Who do you think got two licences in return?  So I now have a heavy motorcycle licence, even though I failed the test in Exeter.

Secondly, when the Morgan arrived in Cape Town harbour the only thing missing was the rear-view mirror.  However, much worse was to follow.  Although the Morgan is small and easy to push the obese stevedore boss insisted on sitting in the trike to steer it while his minions pushed.  Needless to say the obese one broke the hood supports, and it is only now that I have gotten around to replacing them.

Thirdly, because I owned the Morgan before I arrived in South Africa I didn't need to get a roadworthy certificate.  Perhaps it would have passed back then, but I wouldn't bet on it.  Now, of course, it would pass after the latest rebuild.

Because Moggie didn’t have seatbelts, indicators and brake lights I obtained an exemption for some of these failings from the Provincial Government of the day.

Exploits in South Africa

On arrival in Cape Town I awaited the arrival of the Morgan.  I was staying at the Ritz Hotel at the time at the expense of the SA Government (R1,00 for lunch, as much as you could eat, remember those days?).  A few days after the Mog arrived and parked in the Ritz Hotel’s car park than a Willys Knight arrived from Prince Albert with a couple about to be married in Sea Point.  Imagine my surprise when I was invited to the wedding. 

In 1968 the Southern Cape Old Car Club held a meeting in Prince Albert and I went along to see whether they still remembered me.  Annetjie did!  Theo and Annetjie have now retired to George and have sold the Willys Knight.

Of Course I joined the Crankhandle Club and participated in many of their functions such as the All Clubs Braais.  I even won the Houhoek Run prize one year.

In 1985 John Shapley of Car magazine interviewed me and my daughter and I featured in the magazine dated June 1985.

Following the publication of this article I was contacted by a gentleman in Natal who had read that I was looking for ash.  Apparently, when Dunlop had switched from ash to carbon fibre for their tennis racquets they had sold off their stocks of ash.  This gentleman had bought up their stocks, and he sold me six pieces of ash which I lugged around until I needed them (see later).

When I was relocated to Great Brak River (halfway between Mossel Bay and George) I joined the Southern Cape Old Car Club and still participate in many of their functions such as the hugely popular George Motor Show.

The Major Rebuild

A few years ago I decided that the Morgan was in dire need of a rebuild.  When I was visiting the UK I looked in on GEE Limited in Gloucester and Terry Foxen sold me some items.  But he also gave me a copy of the Super Sports bodywork details.

I slowly stripped the Morgan, taking numerous photos as I went.  I had all the chromework rechromed, cables remade, etc. etc.  When I remade the wooden bodywork I tweaked it so that it was slightly wider than the original.  After all we are all getting slightly wider as we get older!

Using the ash that I had got from Natal, and also re-using ten pieces of ash from the original bodywork as well as some marine ply where ash was impractical to use, I remade the bodywork.

A friend up the road was a German metalworker and he filled up the holes that had appeared over the years and resprayed all the bodywork.

When I bought the trike there were two basic colours used for the wiring: green-white and green-black.  I used a 1937 Lucas wiring diagram for the new wiring colours.  Shouldn’t be too different from 1934!

Still To Do?

Well, the rear wheel is still oversize, but should I change it?  It’s so difficult to find and import the right size tyres.

Also, my dashboard is not exactly correct, but far better than when I bought the trike.

This Moggie might become available - Ring me for more info.......Terry 082 412 0371

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Ultimate +8...................

 The Ultimate +8..........

The ultimate +8 has to be the 4.6L V8.

If you add options and extras like Knock-on Mag wheels, cross-over exhausts imported from the UK, Leda suspension, new tyres, K & N Air filters, sports seats and virtually everything on the factory options list......you have the best + 8 available. (I can send you the complete options list from when I supplied it if you like)

This really is an opportunity not to be missed. Remember you can't buy a new one anymore and a new model +8 with the BMW motor is well over R 2M (closer to R 3M) and a totally different kettle....

In perfect condition, it is available immediately at R 700 000.00 so do have a look at it.
Compared to a new 3.7L V6 Roadster @ R1.8M, this is a snip.

Ring me at 082 412 0371.
Terry M. Allan

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Used Morgans for sale in RSA ? - no way.. !

Is it a myth!

Morgans DO come up for sale in South Africa - on occasion.

Admittedly there is a bit of a mad scramble when this happens....and a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing trying to decide if it really is worth that price - but ultimately the car is sold and we usually end up with happy campers - amazed that they ever hesitated or doubted..

This...is one of those occasions.
This immaculate 2006 3L Roadster with every extra you can imagine is available immediately.
It has done under 20 000 kms and has 5 new boots - simply because new ones are better and half the Morgan suspension is in the tyres!.
To give you an idea about values..... with a huge amount of help from Mr Zuma of course, a new Roadster (3.7L & power steering) will now land here at around R1.8M. If that isn't a good reason to buy a 3L model at R 800 000.00.......what is?

Tell your wife to phone me - I'll convince her. - 082 412 0371 Terry.
(Or perhaps she would like it for herself?)

Friday, 13 February 2015

More new Moggies under Africa Skies.

   New Moggies under African Skies

Other new cars brought into the country at the end of last year were firstly Philippe Marmissolle-Daguerre's Roadster. (How's THAT for a name worthy of owning a Morgan?)
I spent a delightful couple of hours lunching with Philippe and his wife Brigitte near their home in Camps Bay. Their home has probably the best view I've seen in Cape Town - which has now been forsaken for an even better view from their new place down the road!
The Morgan shares space with a convertible Bentley and a Porsche Cayenne S.
A very interesting couple who spend much of their time in Abidjan - the second biggest French-speaking city on the planet I was surprised to learn!
The Roadster colour is Sand with Maroon upholstery. Superb. Looks like a million Dollars.

Two cars were imported for Lord Irvine Laidlaw who is at beautiful Noordhoek Manor - over Chapman's peak from Hout Bay. This drive has to compare with the best I've ever experienced.
The Three Wheeler is stunning in Yellow with Brown uphosltery and the Roadster is Red - as you can see. This picture taken during my PDI (Pre-delivery inspection) drive up Chapman's. It seems so right - even if borrowed from Ferrari.
We've had a few niggles with these cars but hopefully we are close to solutions. 

Till next time.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Magaliesburg Mog Meander

Magaliesburg Mog Meander

OK – Confession time.
I stopped in Krugersdorp to put up the hood on the Morgan. On our way back from Whispering Pines other side Magaliesburg, it was unbearably hot and the breeze – at any speed – was not helping much.
Jacqui decided “enough already!” and I agreed.
In years gone by we had a fines system for being seen with Morgan hood rampant.
Fines tariff was as follows:.
1.)    Sun shining - R 20 00.
2.)    Drizzling – R 30.00.
3.)    Highveld storm – R 50 00.
4.)    Snowing – R 100.00.(Worth it to get pics of the Mog in the snow!)

Not totally logical but definitely in the Morgan spirit of things.
We had the “Golden Hubcap” used as the collection plate  for the fines. (Idea stolen by Ronnie Wilson from Piston Ring I believe) This was a hubcap painted gold on the inside. We called it a Morgan hubcap off an old flat-rad largely because it had an M embossed in the middle. I suspect however that it originated off an old Morris Minor. I think it has vanished but if anyone knows its whereabouts, we should really re-introduce the sergeant-at-arms whose function it would be to dish out fines for real and imagined transgressions.
He would have had a field day at Magaliesburg:

      1.) Alan Young arrived in his MG RV8! Stunning - and probably my favourite MG ever. Boyd Fergusson, Boy and Frankie’s son also had/has one and I understand from Alan that there are only about 3 or 4 in the country. Very special – but can you imagine how exposed Alan and Pam are to a huge fine?  
     2.) And another fine for Alan because the MG wouldn’t start when we left Broadacres! Bonnet up, fiddle fiddle…I was too slow to get it on film – sorry!  

      3.) John Tilley can almost be forgiven because he arrived in his very special LHD Merc. I don’t remember the model but it is a smallish 4 cylinder which goes like hell. He didn’t fancy our slow pace so he took the longer scenic route and arrived 30 minutes before us!
     4.) Kevin has had a haircut and is almost unrecognisable!

      5.) Bill Blair went for an early morning run in his Pagoda Merc Sports with Slade Healy in his Roadster and somewhere near Hartebeespoort dam the Merc started making smoke signals  from under the dash! Mechanic summoned to take the car home and Bill joined Slade in the Roadster for breakfast.
      6.) Ray and Jeanetta Eberlein explained how to erect an old-style hood in under 3 minutes in a sudden storm. You attach the hood back and front, climb into the car under the hood and pull the hoops up over your head. This way you don’t get too wet!!!! Jeanetta capped this with instructions for losing your pants exiting a Morgan in the rain!!! (You don’t want to know!)

        7.) Nigel Tame and Liz guided us to Magaliesburg with strict instructions not to go too fast. He took this to heart to such an extent that we didn’t exceed 80 k.p.h. once! Just as well – we drove past Maropeng where, according to our Government civilisation started (huh?!). I didn’t realise that this beautiful road had become a cycle track with 6 or so fairly pointless circles inserted and dozens of bone-jarring very expensive bricked speed humps. We shared the road with 150 000 cyclists who apparently cannot ride without talking to at least one fellow cyclist next to them. They were everywhere! Thanks for getting us through in one piece Nigel!
Some had already left....

8.) Terry Barson can’t drive his Morgan. His arm is still U/S and he’s bought a little automatic Japanese (probably Korean actually) box to get around. Says it’s great and will do fine until he heals.

9.) And finally Slade was there largely to see my nuts and compare. You'll have to ask him about that! They didn't by the way!

Whispering Pines was pleasant enough under the trees – though the last bit of road was a challenge. Someone lost our booking though it didn’t make too much difference. Breakfast was fine but what happened to our R 50.00 – eat as much as you like breakfasts? Sign of the times I guess.

Till next time.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Roadster on the Mountain

A bit like the UK - Cape Town can be wonderful - but not in the rain. I went down to deliver Arnold Cloete's 3.7L Roadster and it rained until I was back on the plane. Unfortunately the pictures reflect the weather and don't show off the car to it's best. The Roadster is Sports Grey with loom upholstery (a dark brown.) I was concerned about this but I'm delighted to say that it looks magnificent - and you won't find another like it - anywhere. 
Terrible lighting but i assure you the car is beautiful

This car reflects the uniqueness of Arnold's Harley which too, is like no other. I love it. The Roadster shares the garage space with the Harley and a Porsche just below the cable car station. You can imagine the view!

I didn't have an opportunity to try the performance of the car but it certainly is more torquey than the 3L Roadster and the best bit perhaps is the 6-speed gearbox. It grumbles along in a very grown-up fashion on the freeway. I really like the new dash-board and instruments too. Very up to date.

After delivering the Moggie my son and daughter -in-law took me to lunch at Societi Bistro in Orange street, Gardens.A real Cape Town foodie experience - complete with very loud fellow diners at the next table making sure that you knew of their on-going university connections by scouring the pronunciation of every vowel and consonant. Eves-dropping was not optional - it was obligatory.

Pork belly futures I've heard of in the financial world but have never eaten. They are on the menu and were recommended by the guy who seemed to know his Ps and Qs. It comes with a sauce called a Liquorice Lacquer. I don't know what it means but it is one of those dishes I will never forget. So impressive.

Turns out I'm vaguely related to Chef Steph, who is, they say, the soul of Societi. Never met him but I've only heard really good reports - especially from his mom - my cousin!

I'll be back in Cape Town soon to meet my 2nd Granddaughter - due very soon.
Please don't rain!